SnapCare Snap Server constantly improves our product lines to provide great performance and reliability while being easy to support. The culmination of this effort is a flexible SnapCare© program that offers tiered levels of support.

New SnapServer units come with standard 1-year Bronze support coverage. Each unit can be upgraded to Silver or Gold at the time of purchase or “uplifted” within 90-days of purchase.

Hardware and software support with the Bronze, Silver, or Gold support models can be extended up to 5 years after the purchase date. Software-only support technical support is available with the Copper support program starting in year 6.

Servers with an expired support program past a 60-day grace period require a re-certification process to renew. Contact your SnapServer sales representative for details.

The four levels of SnapCare© provide a simple, effective system for ensuring your SnapServer appliance is up and operational as quickly as possible. Warranty coverage and service options may differ by product and region.

Gold Silver Bronze Copper
7am-4pm PST phone support
Advanced parts replacement
2-day onsite replacement for FRU parts
NBD shipment of parts
Gold GOLD:

7x4 PST remote technical support; advanced parts replacement ships next business day (NBD) for FRU and CRU parts[1]; 2 business day onsite support for FRU equipment. Customer responsible for replacement of CRU parts. Currently only available for U.S. customers.

(See definitions of CRU and FRU parts below)

Silver SILVER:

7x4 PST remote technical support, advanced parts replacement ships within 2 business days[1]; onsite support for FRU equipment. Customer responsible for replacement of CRU parts. Currently only available for U.S. customers.

(See definitions of CRU and FRU parts below)

Bronze BRONZE:

7x4 PST technical support; advanced parts replacement ships within 2 business days[1]; no onsite support or onsite replacement. Customer responsible for replacement of both FRU and CRU parts. This is the standard warranty that comes with all new appliances for one year. Available for all international customers.

Copper COPPER:

7x4 PST technical support only. Offered only for select older models. No hardware replacement offered. No onsite support or onsite part replacement. Contact sales for availability.


Secure Drive Exchange is an add-on program to support models that provides an additional security mechanism to customer data. This allows the customer to retain the failed drive for destruction in accordance with their company security policies.


Snap Server Inc. provides support during normal business hours; Monday-Friday, 7:00am-4:00pm PST. The offices will be closed in 2022 for the following holidays: Presidents Day (2/20/22), Memorial Day (5/30/22), Fourth of July (7/4/22), Labor Day (9/5/22), Thanksgiving (11/24-25/22), Christmas (12/26-22), and New Year’s Eve (1/2/23). For emergency support outside of normal business hours an hourly rate is billed with a one-hour minimum. After one hour, billing occurs in 15-minute increments.

FRU Parts: Field Replacement Units generally consist of main-body, circuit-board related components that would be best removed or replaced by a technician without having to send the entire product or system to a repair facility. FRU parts may include motherboards, memory modules, power supplies, fans, backplanes, front panel indicators, and in some cases internal cables.

CRU Parts: Customer Replaceable Units generally consists of parts or components that can be removed or replaced by the customer. While not exhaustive, CRU parts may include hard drives, CMOS batteries, PCI cards, or external cables. Snap Support will diagnose the potential defective part and determine if the part is considered a FRU or CRU.

[1] DISCLAIMER – 2 business days or NBD is the projected time to ship. SnapServer makes a best effort to deliver as quickly as possible, but due to factors outside of normal operations, such as force majeure, shipping delays, civil unrest, and customs inspections, delivery times may be extended.