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Customer Service

Return to factory support provides repair and replacement of defective products and parts. Our customer support representatives will issue complete directions for the return of your product. Replacement parts or spare parts will ship within 7 business days of receipt of your defective material and validation of entitlement.


All replacement products or spare parts will be shipped to the specific customer location within 2 business days after determination of the problem, verification of entitlement, and customers’ acceptance of responsibility for the defective product return. All shipment will be made using common carriers. Additional delays due to customs clearance may occur and are beyond the control of Snap Server.

Regional Limitations

Some limitations or delivery dates due to product location, import/export, or other governmental restrictions may apply. The following locations may have limitations and delays in receiving advance replacement product:

  • Peoples Republic of China (Mainland)

  • India

  • Russia

  • Middle East

  • Central and South America


Other areas may also have delays. Please contact your SnapServer sales representative for more details.


Defective products must be returned to Snap Server and received within 14 business days. Failure to return any product, part, or accessory to Snap Server’s designated address will be considered a breach of the warranty and terms. Snap Server will be entitled to invoice the customer the for the full price of the replacement product or part and suspend any support services until the product or part is received by Snap Server or its authorized agent or if the defective part is purchased by the customer. Acceptance of the warranty and terms by the customer shall occur within the warranty registration process where the customer shall grant Snap Server or its authorized agent the right to affect such invoice for payment of non-returned material following receipt of its replacement.

Response Time

Response time is not a commitment of the time to restore normal operations but is a commitment to have a service engineer engage with intentions to restoring the unit to normal operations. Snap Server offers 7x4PST support next business day response Monday-Friday excluding national and company holidays.

Onsite Support

For Gold and Silver support models in which the customer’s product is geographically located within a supported authorized Snap Server Service Partner, the on-site response time is measured from the time of Snap Server or the authorized Snap Server Service Partner’s determination of hardware failure until a technician arrives onsite. Parts are shipped within 2 business days. The Snap Server Service Partner under normal circumstances will be onsite within 1 business day after receiving parts.

Determination of Problem and Service Standards

Many issues can be resolved over the telephone. The availability of a technically capable end-user to work with our Technical Support team can affect the time required to resolve a problem. Snap Server or its approved Service Partner will perform all services in a professional manner and will whenever on the end-user site obey all reasonable instructions, standards, procedures, and requests issued by the end-user.

Service Level Agreements exclude Snap Server designated holidays. An additional service charge will be payable to the customer for support requests occurring on these designated holidays. Fees for service performed on Snap Server designed holidays will be at the rate of the Snap Server approved Service Partner and will be payable by the customer directly. Customers agree to promptly pay an invoice received for such services.

Support Availability

Product registration must come fully completed to receive the full benefits of the warranty and terms. Failure to do so may result in service response and delivery delays. For purchased upgrades, the purchased upgrades, a purchase order must contain complete information identifying the unit, the serial number, the end-user customer name, coverage terms.

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