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Assuring the availability of your SnapServer is a critical part of your overall data storge strategy. Snap Server has made selecting and obtaining the proper level of support for the entire life of your product easy and affordable. While the standard SnapServerCare support programs are designed to provide the services that most of our customers require we understand that your needs may be different. Snap Server has created a selection of service enhancements to augment whatever level of SnapServer support you have chosen.

The Secure Drive Exchange Program is designed to offer a disk drive (HDD or SSD) replacement alternative for end users with high-security policies which prohibit data from being removed from their premises.



The service uplift is available for any currently supported SnapServer hard disk-based product with removable drives

  • The cost of this uplift is in addition to other service programs

  • This service uplift must run concurrently with any existing warranty or service agreement currently established with the product

  • A separate Secure Drive uplift is required for each system or unit

  • This service will only apply in cases where the drive fails under normal working conditions. Our standard warranty coverage exclusions apply.

  • The customer will still be required to return the top cover of the defective drive containing the serial number label within 14 business days of the delivery of the new hard drive.

  • This program applies to the disk drive only. Controller cards, memory devices, power supplies and other parts which have no latent data storage must be returned.

  • Includes support for 3.5” SATA and SAS HDD drives and 2.5” SDD drives.

What is not included?

  • Data recovery or data destruction

  • Hard drive destruction, disposal, or recycling

  • Replacement of hard drives materially in excel of standard failure rates for the covered system.


For select SnapServer solutions, maintenance agreements on the software components are offered. Access to updates, patches, and new versions are available beyond the standard warranty period by purchasing extended software maintenances.


Software maintenance includes:
24x7 access to web-based self-support including online patches, bug fixes, and new version releases. 4x7PST technical telephone support during normal business hours excluding public and company holidays.

For customers, whose products have expired and are past a 60-day grace period and who wish to extend their warranty coverage, Snap Server offers a product re-certification package. Contact your SnapServer sales representative for details.

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